White trevira drapes
Trevira 75grs/m2,  fireproof certificate class C1.
Various drop heights.
To hang from truss as well as pipe&drape.
Available as a “pack” with a bespoke design for the Sala Oval, at the MNAC in Barcelona.

White fireproof drapes for rental. Height 4.5m (14,76´). Suitable for front and rear lighting. Made with velcro to the top and hooks to allow them to be hung from the Pipe & Drape structure. We can provide 90ml of white curtains (M1 class) for your gala dinners, to decorate and transform spaces like exhibition halls, concert halls, etc.




Rental in Spain and Southern France.


Pipe and Drape

Detalle de Pipe & Drape
Rental Telescopic aluminium structure from which drapes can be hung.
Pipe & Drape

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