Alquiler y Venta de cortinas  ignífugas, Pipe & Drape, bastidores y paneles de licra para proyecciones de todo tipo



  • Cortinas de Estrellas LED: Cortinas de LED blanco, con variación de velocidad & intensidad, control vía dmx ó desde la propia unidad de forma sencilla.
  • Cortinas: Alquiler de cortinas ignífugas para sus eventos. Cortinas blancas de velo o trevira y cortinas de tipo Black-out de 15m de altura.
  • Avisadores: Cue-Lights con mandos a distancia, entre los cuales el reloj de cuenta atrás para presentadores, el software de control de PowerPoint, el semáforo de tres colores y las interfaces de Audio.
  • Pipe & Drape: Barras telescópicas. Hasta 250 metros lineales. Altura desde 2,05m hasta 5,15m. Ancho tubo vertical es de 4 cm.
  • Formas 3D: Alquiler de pantallas con formas para todo tipo de proyecciones.
  • Entre otros...



We have 20 units of Motorola CP040, with their corresponding accessories.
Your events with Visual Eliptix
Visual Eliptix has an excellent background in corporate events of all kinds. As a new company we offer simple yet practical solutions to your events and presentations.

At Visual Eliptix we rent fireproof drapes, Pipe & Drape, flattage, 3D lycra shapes, lecterns, stage risers etc.

{mosimage}Visual Eliptix is the sole distributer for Spain, Portugal and France for Interspace Industries. We sell their cue lights, including the well known Master Cue 5, Countdown 2, traffic light systems and time control systems that can help control your presentation. Today, the vast majority of audiovisual companies use these products designed for and used by AV technicians.
Fire proof drapes

Rental and installation in Spain and Southern France.

From an extensive experience in selling drapes, the team of VISUAL ELIPTIX have detected the need of event production companies to rent drapes due to reduced budgets, lengthy confection times or simply because of the ephemeral character of corporate live events can’t justify purchase.

With over 5000 sqm of fire retardant drapes and 250ml (820´) of Pipe & Drape to a height of between 2m and 5m (6,56’ – 16,40’), VISUAL ELIPTIX aims to offer an affordable option to the event professional to adapt and transform any type of venue. The choice of a Pipe & Drape structure allows you to hang drapes without the need for rigging points or the need to install a truss structure.

During the last edition of the Telephone World Mobile Congress (3GSM) in Barcelona, VISUAL ELIPTIX supplied over 4000 sqm of M1 drapes, and we have as a client base the major supply companies in Barcelona, that trust in our services.


Interspace Industries

Interspace IndustriesWe distribute in Portugal, Spain and France, « cue lights « for corporte events, conferencies and presentations

Stage Risers Nivoflex

Tarimas NoviflexStage Risers Nivoflex
Strong aluminium and wood platform deck c/w interchangeable legs. Rental item in Barcelona