Our Cue-lights

Countdown 2Countdown 2
For events that require presicion timing.

 MasterCue V5 USB MasterCue V5
Control your laptop presentation.

The cue light for the wandering presenter.

Indicator 2Indicator 2
Traffic light control system for speaker presentations.
New Products
Formas 3D
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Formas 3DFormas 3D

Alquiler de pantallas con formas para todo tipo de proyecciones.

Pipe & Drape
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Pipe & DrapePipe & Drape

Barras telescópicas.
Hasta 250 metros lineales.
Altura desde 2,05m hasta 5,15m.
Ancho tubo vertical es de 4 cm.

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Cue-Lights con mandos a distancia, entre los cuales el reloj de cuenta atrás para presentadores, el software de control de PowerPoint, el semáforo de tres colores y las interfaces de Audio.

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Alquiler de cortinas ignífugas para sus eventos. Cortinas blancas de velo o trevira y cortinas de tipo Black-out de 15m de altura.

más de 5000 m2 !!

Cortinas LED
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Cortinas LedCortina de Estrellas LED

Cortinas de LED blanco, con variación de velocidad & intensidad, control vía dmx ó desde la propia unidad de forma sencilla.

WorkLite, This is a new product line for Interspace Industries. We were asked to come up with a new Idea for a light on a desk that will give control, has good quality white light and switchable blue or red light for back stage.
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SpotOn allows presenters to point to any area of their presentation slides - completely electronically. Designed to allow presenters to point just as they would do using a laser pointer, the system responds to presenter touch screen contact by inserting any of the pre-selectable pointer icons onto the slide image.
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