Our Cue-lights

Countdown 2Countdown 2
For events that require presicion timing.

 MasterCue V5 USB MasterCue V5
Control your laptop presentation.

The cue light for the wandering presenter.

Indicator 2Indicator 2
Traffic light control system for speaker presentations.
Our Services


  • Adapt and change your working area

Visual Eliptix offers simple and practical solutions for your corporate events, presentations and shows in the Barcelona region:

Hire of Pipe & Drape

Hire of fireproofed curtains

Hire and construction of flats, control flattage etc.

Hire of lecterns, podiums

Add a touch of elegance to your show:

3D Lycra screens and forms


  • To keep your presentations running smoothly

Visual Eliptix is the exclusive distributer for France, Portugal and Spain of the well known Cue-lights made by Interspace Industries, a “must have” for all your events:

Sales of cue lights

Traffic light systems

Count down clocks

Passive interfaces



Fireproofed CurtainsFireproofed Curtains
Rent of black fireproof drapes.

Pipe & DrapePipe & Drape
Tubular structure system used for dividing spaces.

Formas 3D3D Shapes
3D shapes made of lycra.

Mirrors, Coat-hangers, Make-up Mirrors, Lecterns...
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